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Charlotte Skyla

Hello, I am Charlotte. I am a Naturopath BHSc, a certified End of Life Doula, a certified Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner by Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society, and an initiate into the Apaza Q’ero Ñusta Paqo lineage of the high mountains in the Andes.

I have had a natural tendency towards the healing arts my entire life, and I have been an active ‘member’ of the ‘body mind spirit’ industry for over twenty five years.

The essence of what I do is shadow work, using the avenues of ancient traditions and mythological ‘play’, to access archaic and transgenerational patterns that still operate within the energetics of a human being. The roots of my practices come from ancient lore and cosmovision from shamanic buddhist, hindu, Q’ero and Norse traditions.

My life is a dedication to my spiritual path and to being of service to the good of humanity. I have travelled extensively in our World and sat (still sitting) with diverse teachers and their wisdoms.



Naturopathy is healing imbalances of the human body by applying the aid of herbal tinctures, essences, wholesome foods and an improved lifestyle so that the body becomes strong enough to overcome its own dis-ease.

A naturopathic consultation involves case taking, physical examination, dietary and lifestyle advice, bespoke herbal formulas, and possibly the use of various tests to gather more in depth information if required.

An initial consultation is one hour, after that shorter catch up consultations suffice as case protocols progresses.

Bespoke herbal formulas are made using mostly 1:1 herbal tinctures manufactured by the Herbal Extract Company, as well as Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Naturopathy is a great option for a natural treatment in situations where there are obvious physical signs and symptoms of organ or systemic functional disorders, such as digestive, immune, hormonal, lymphatic, circulatory and adrenal issues etc.

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Shamanic Energy Medicine

The Incan prophecy stated that a new people of shamanic healers will arise in the West, and with this information, it was decided to lift the veil of secrecy around this form of energy medicine and teach the shamanic Incan lore to those inclined from the West.

It is with the utmost respect, gratitude and love to the Inuit and indigenous people of our World, the ancestral shamanic lineage, Alberto Villoldo and my teachers that I share this wisdom with the persons that come to see me.

Sitting in sacred space, we explore the luminous body, karmic pasts, cyclical unwanted patterns and stuckness, and possible destinies, and we conjure mythological maps that will guide one on a personal quest to find the right relationship with one’s world.

This is for persons who are committed to their own awakening, who dare face authenticity, are not afraid to dive deeper within, who are willing to invite transformation and change into their life, and be prepared to let the old that stands in the way of aligning to one’s destiny, die.

For something a bit more gentle and relaxing, Reiki Usui and Sound healing are also offered.

Corporate and group bookings are available for rites, ceremonies and meditations.

End Of Life Doula

End Of Life Doula

As an End of Life Doula, I assist the dying and the dead in conscious dying. I also assist the living in preparing for death so that when the time comes, dying can be done actively and with an awakened mind and a strong conscious presence.

An embodiment of death literacy can help nurture a greater respect for, and meaning of, life.

I perform the death rite of the Incan tradition, this can be carried out before, during or after death. The death rite helps the transitioning soul by facilitating successful detachment from the earth realm and journeying into the realm of ancestors.

I assist the dying and their families in recapitulation to heal generational hurt and emotional imbalances.

Recapitulation and death rite can also be offered for people who have experienced the sudden death of a loved one, this is a very healing exercise where final goodbyes can be spoken, and letting go can be done.

Recapitulation and ‘the little death’ exercise can also be performed as an exercise for death literacy and understanding what transformation is needed in order to align to one’s destiny, like a self imposed wake up call.

I can also assist the dying and their families in dying at their home, as well as guiding families in the washing, preparing and wrapping the body of their loved one for natural burials or cremations…an incredibly healing approach to death and grieving.

Death literacy and meditations are available for group and corporate bookings.

Who are my Clients

The persons that come to see me vary in their age, life circumstances and outlook, however, the main quality they tend to share, is the sense that there is an aspect of themselves and their life that is out of balance.

They are looking for help as to how to find or regain their balance, as well as finding the tools to journey their life in the right relationship with their world.

‘I simply felt lighter and happier after my first Illumination’
‘Charlotte has a natural gift of healing. She is intuitive, sensitive, knowledgeable, and empathetic. Every time I get a healing with her, I’m able to go really deep within, and heal what needs to be healed, and she is there to guide me through it all with compassion. I would definitely recommend a healing session with Charlotte.’
Naturopath & Reiki Instructor
‘My session was wonderfully cathartic. I had a specific goal in mind and Charlotte understood and facilitated the change that needed to happen. In the days and weeks that followed, I experienced so much positivity and peace.’
Financial Manager
‘I have learnt so much from my sessions with Charlotte. With her Sound Healing, Illumination and Soul Retrieval, Charlotte has helped me find my inner peace, by guiding me through and past deep-seated emotions and feelings. I feel lighter and happier than ever before in my whole life.’
Elmar, DJ
‘Charlotte has given me the ability to release patterns, behaviours and darkness that has held me back for as long as I can remember. I cannot recall ever feeling as free, happy, and completely myself, as I have felt over the last few weeks. I feel so incredibly in alignment and excited for the future.’
Horse Trainer
My naturopathic session with Charlotte to help with preparing for breastfeeding was amazing and so helpful. Charlotte reminded me of how we can do so much in our everyday life to support our health in times of all kinds of stress (good and bad) as to avoid our bodies from ‘breaking’. I highly recommend having a session with Charlotte.’
Shamanic Practitioner
A beautiful and sacred sound bath tonight, and a spectacular way to honour this Country’s Custodians and Elders, past present and future on this day (January 26th 2023).’
Naturopath and Breath Coach
‘Charlotte is a natural born healer. I have consulted Charlotte over the many years I have known her for her naturopathic treatments, and of recent times, her work with the luminous body.
On all occasions I have felt almost immediate shifts and transformation from the previous state of physical /emotional/psychological challenges. Charlotte’s extensive education assists her innate intuitive ability to perceive the needs of the client and is exercised with the highest capacity of professional nurturing. I highly recommend her Illumination and Extraction treatment. Incredible.’
Emma Magenta
Artist and Author
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