Hello I am Charlotte. I am a Naturopath BHSc, an End of Life Doula, a certified Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner of the Inkan lineage, an avid contemplator and a lover of the human life expression. From a very young age, I was already wired to seek a way out of the illusion that I intuitively knew was around me, and reunite with a natural state of awareness. As soon as I was able to walk and talk (I have been anecdotally told), I started my process of remembering, as well as sharing my innate knowing about the human life experience and our origin. My life is a dedication to my spiritual path and to being of service. I have traveled extensively in our World and sat (still sitting) with diverse teachers.  As a result of my life thus far, I have organically evolved to a place where it feels right to share my boons. I personally don’t think I have any solutions or specific ‘truths’ that I can offer, but the way I like to see it is that I am able to offer reminders or cues that encourages people (including myself) to look after themselves and their whole. When we look after ourselves, we hear ourselves better…and when we hear our selves better, we increasingly align our mental, emotional and ego self, to our higher soul self. As we allow for our soul self to flow and express through our physical being and human consciousness, our lives tend to change from one that has tendencies to be repetitive and linear, to one that is abundant, creative, intentional, aware and hyper-dimensional. In essence, as we consciously choose to care for our well-being and the well-being of others and our planet, we come into resonance with the life we are all meant to lead, one where we lovingly create, manifest and express our creative inspiration and desires, for everyone’s and our world’s highest good.

We all have what it takes to initiate our own erudition; really, no one can do this for us. No religion, no spiritual text, no ritual nor passing of a ceremony, can in fact do the job of awakening for us, as this is an insider job that needs to be done by the collaboration of one’s body, heart, intellect, mind, ego, consciousness and soul. However, reminders about how it feels to be in resonance with our higher self tend to nudge us, and eventually put us on a path of continuous and evolutionary contemplation, and as a result, progressive stripping of that which is no longer authentic to us. Reminders can act like keys that unlock something in our subconscious and bring information to the forefront of our consciousness. The reminders can take the shape, form and nature of anything, and the same reminder would most likely have a completely different effect for different individuals. The type of keys that activates what in whom, is unique for each person, as each person’s journey is their own. Our canvas is completely our own.

My personal experience has been such that by listening to my body and to Nature, by making changes in my life that supports harmony and a physical resonance to higher frequencies, the funnel that allows consciousness to flow freely through me widens, and the intelligent infrastructure that allows my being to house this energy, also continually strengthens. I can see the highest potential of this life experience of ours, and in a way it is both for selfish and compassionate reasons that I have a desire for all humans to get with the program. Our cowboy days are over, and it is time for all of us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. This process does not come naturally. We need to learn how to navigate the ship, our being, which we reside in first. Since we don’t have a manual for each ship (we are all unique), we need to figure out how we best function through active contemplation and truth analysis. The initial and logical thing to become familiar with, is the fuel and servicing of our allegorical ship. The material in this blog is dedicated to this aspect of the human being, be it the nourishment of our physical, emotional and spiritual body. Although I am a Naturopath and I understand nutrition, herbal medicine and supplementation from a rather conventional perspective, and although I have studied my fair share of psychology and understand our mind and emotions from a rather conventional perspective, my approach to well-being stems from understanding of the energetic resonance of the human body. This is where my understanding of the flow of energy around matter, our origin and Nature, comes into play. I look to them, to understand better how to encourage an elevation of frequencies, thus well being, within the human body. I truly desire, that you shall find something here that can help your own process of healing, transformation and empowerment.

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Much Love.

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