Charlotte Skyla

Charlotte is a certified Shamanic practitioner, a Naturopath BHSc and a certified Death Doula.

Charlotte has always had a tendency towards the healing arts, she started early under the tutelage of her own mother. She has been in the ‘body mind spirit’ industry for over twenty-five years. Charlotte has extensive experience in running retreats and facilitating traditional ceremonies based on ancient lore.

Apart from her Bachelor of Human Health Science and Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Charlotte has sat privately with teachers in Ayurvedic Medicine, Buddhist Shamanism, Persian Pahlavani (including studying Zarathustrain texts), studied various modalities of healing, as well as Counselling at ACAP.

Charlotte has studied with Alberto Villoldo at the Four Winds, and is currently learning straight from the Apaza Q’ero Paqos and Ñustas (shamans) of the Andes, honouring the sacred live medicine of this lineage. Being a native of Scandinavia, Charlotte weaves her ancestral traditions into her practises too.

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