Cancellation Policies

For all consultations and treatments – cancellations must occur 48 hours or more prior to consult, and a rescheduling of the appointment. For Retreats and Workshops – cancellations up to 14 days prior to scheduled date incur a 20% of the total cost for ‘administration and preparation’ fees, cancellations below 14 days of the scheduled date, incur a 100% of the total cost cancellation fee.


Herbal tinctures, energy essences and supplements due to their unique and perishable nature cannot be returned nor refunded, unless serious adverse reactions have occurred as a result of using these, and the issue has been discussed in person with Charlotte. Furthermore, any known allergies and or sensitivities to alcohols, species of plants or other ingredients that may occur in supplements, need to be brought to Charlotte’s attention in consultations.


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