ABF Essences 30ml & Mini Consult

Using essences from the complete dispensary of Ian White’s Bush Flower Essences, including the White Light & Divinity range, as well as essences of some plant medicines, remedies can be made to suit any psycho-spiritual stirring. These are suitable for children as well.


Death Rite & Recapitulation

This is a beautiful ceremony for the persons involved, and an opportunity to embrace a conscious death for the dying and their family. Price range is $150-$300.



This is a haywaricuy, an offering of love and gratitude to our Mother Earth and all relations, according Inkan practices.


Destiny Retrieval

In a Destine Retrieval, the shaman tracks for the most aligned and truthful outcome, for the protégé, and installs this filament of timeline into the energy field of the protégé.


Illumination with Extraction & Cord Cutting

In this session, within sacred space, the protégé’s energy-field is tracked for blockages, cords and entity attachments. These are then removed as needed, and the energy-field is illuminated and recharged.


Naturopathy 60m & Herbs

Naturopathy is an alternative medicine system that uses herbs, essences, diet, lifestyle & nutrients, to aid the body to return to balance and health. Naturopathy can treat anything from cold & flu, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, to poor sleep and stress.


Seven Chakra Illumination

This is a deep energy cleanse of all chakras, that offers the opportunity to realign all the energy centres from holding onto an experience such as grief or anger for too long, so much that attachments may affect all energy channels in perceiving one’s reality.


Shamanic House Clearing

A traditional house clearing of stagnant energies and entities according to ancient Inkan practises.


Soul Retrieval

Here, the shaman journeys to the protégé’s underworld and collects information about the fragment of the conscious Self that has retrieved back into the subconscious, as a result of some form of trauma. The shaman tracks to the very source of this trauma, its origin, which may be in this life-time or another. The shaman then re-installs the once lost fragment back into the conscious field of the protégé, for it to be integrated.


Spirit Flight

This session offers a complete reset of the protégé’s energy field, and an opportunity to travel to the Upper Realm to meet Pachakuti the gate keeper of the Upper Realm, and ancestors, to retrieve messages and guidance.


End of Life Doula

As an End of Life Doula, I support the dying and their family in the process of dying and the many things this can involve. My purpose is to help the traveller and their family to achieve a form of a death plan; this in itself can involve many different aspects depending on where the traveller is at in terms of organisation, and or their own ideas about mortality and wishes for outcomes.