How To Cleanse Our Biofield

Although us humans, and most things and beings that exist in our world, seem pretty dense in terms of matter, we are in reality made up of more light particles than any other substances. In other words, we contain more space than matter. In fact, according to quantum physicist Nassim Haramein, if you were to remove all space from the atoms of the human race, the remaining matter of us would fit in the same volume as that of a sugar cube. The sugar cube with the human race in it would be astronomically heavy, but none the less this example gives us an idea of how physical things in our World experience really are not as physical as we feel and see them.  We, and all plants, rock formations, bodies of water and animals, are beings of energy. There is a toroidal field of energy that flows around and within us, stretching as far as our intentions go. This field is also commonly known as our auric field or chi. I like to call this energy field our biofield or luminous body, as it is not only an energetic waft cloud of sorts, but most definitely an integral part of our human biology. Without our biofield, there would be no human being. Just to give an example, our biofield is the energy that we feel very strongly when we are attracted to someone and there is chemistry. It is also the energy us blessed humans feel in our heart space towards our partners, children, family members and pets, as we think of them and interact with them. Our biofield is the Source Energy that ‘belongs’ or has been momentarily allocated to each and every one of us human beings, as our Soul comes into physical bodies; it is linked but not attached to our ego-self, intellect and mind.

The benefit of our biofield is that when it is aligned and has a healthy flow into and about our being, it keeps our physical bodies and state of mind healthy, light, youthful, vibrant and protected. Our biofield helps us be and stay aligned to our deepest desires and well meaning to the World. It helps us attract and materialise our deepest desires into our life experience. Our biofield is what keeps us connected to Source Energy and each other, so that we may never feel alone and always feel loved. Our biofield, keeps our meridians, chakras and ‘kundalini draught’ in a healthy, pulsating and balanced form, spin and flow, and symbiotically vice versa. The uplifting sensations from our biofield is always available to us, but we can fail to circulate, absorb and resorb it effectively due to various factors.

There are common practices in modern society that can affect the toroidal flow of our biofield to and about our being. However, many of us may not even realise that these particular practices have a negative effect on our biofield flow, as they have become socially acceptable habits. To give you an idea, here are some habits that will (with frequent repetition) negatively affect our biofield and render its flow weak and possibly even infiltrated by unwanted energies: drinking alcohol on a regular basis, tobacco smoking, having frequent and multiple sexual partners (in other words mindless sex), drug abuse, pessimism, spending time around negative people on a regular basis without having the tools to transmute and transform the negativity, eating and drinking processed foods, disconnecting from one’s heart, watching/reading excessively violent and or negative media, not exercising, not meditating or engaging in positive reflective/contemplative thinking, and dehydration. If we do not look after our biofield, our energy flow becomes stagnant over time and eventually affects our physical and emotional well-being and well-meaning as well. Feeling drained and anxious for no particular reason, flu-like symptoms, and deep yet fluttery stomach pains, are common experiences of a stagnant and negatively affected biofield.

Another common event that occurs and has a negative affect on our biofield and ourselves, is hooking and imprinting. As we live our life experience and interact with different individuals, including our friends and family, we interchange energy flows and attitudes. This is part of our communication and connection patterns with fellow beings. Sometimes these interactions are positive and energy boosting for us, and other times they can hook into our old wounds (pre-existing weaknesses in our energy centers due to past(life) hurts and trauma)  and or cause imprints as a result of projected jealousy and ill-meaning, and energetically remain with us in our luminous body until we choose to do something about it.  When we hook and get hooked, we allow for an exchange of dysfunctional energetic replacements to fill, fulfill or complete, the broken emotional link or in lack of a better term, empty place of hurt. When we get hooked (we all hook and get hooked or have done so at some point unknowingly) our biofield is entangled with those whom we have hooked energetically with. Even though this can occur with seemingly lovely and loving people, hooking is draining and unhealthy for all parties involved. In order to look after our biofield flow and ensure that it is vibrant, healthy and in good form, there are some useful tools that ideally we should all make use of on a frequent, if not daily basis. Below are three ways with which we can effectively cleanse, restore and rejuvenate our biofield flow, reception, absorption and resorption to and around our being, thus helping our beings remain protected and in a frequency of love and luminosity.

I am a firm believer that we are created through intricate cymatic symphonies, where our matter and light is held in space (and form) by the vibrations of sounds from our Universe, such as OM. For some, this may sound a bit out there, but if you think of it, so does all other explanations of life’s origin, be it scientific or religious. As I mentioned before, there is no doubt that we are of energetic origin. For exactly this reason, using therapeutic sounds is organic to our makeup and well-being, and will therefore help bring order and health to our cells and luminous body. Chanting OM is a great way to clean our biofield, as is playing classical instruments, authentic singing, sacred harmonies, didgeridoo, drums and singing bowls. High vibrational sounds, lift frequencies, thus energy, on all levels and planes within and about our entire being.

Like us, every tree, bush and plant in Nature has an individual toroidal biofield around it, which is directly tapped into Source. When Earth’s flora and bodies of water are left in their natural state, they are in a constant form of pure existence; hence the biofields around these, remain pure and incredibly vibrant. When we go for long bush walks, nature walks or swims, we often come back feeling like a burden has been taken off, and as if we are ready for a good nanna nap. Apart from the fact that our lungs have been filled with clean air, and our bodies and vascular systems exercised and oxygenated, which enhances energy flow, our own proximate biofield also receives a complete purification and rejuvenation when we come in contact with Nature and its healing pulsating energy. Just like carbon dioxide can build up in our lungs, so can dense and negative energy accumulate in our proximate biofield. We depend upon Nature for our spiritual and physical well-being for the above reason, and this is also why it is incredibly important for all of us to have close and regular contact with Nature.

Energy Work
I have a friend who is a great energy practitioner, and a while back she gave me a ‘prayer’ to clear negative energies from ones biofield, as well as restore and rejuvenate its flow into and about our beings. I have used this prayer almost every day now for eight years, and I have also altered it a bit to deepen the energy work into cellular health as well. It works beautifully, and every time I do it on children and animals for their highest good, they tend to fall asleep, which is a perfect sign for healing work taking place. This cleanse is great for people who are very open and prone to taking on other people’s misery, which is a very humane and compassionate characteristic. However, over time, this openness and the lack of self-protection can drain us. This biofield cleanse can be practiced anywhere. Sometimes I do this cleanse on the way to work, but mostly I do it before going to sleep. As I do my energy work, I have a habit of throwing in a ‘I am thankful’ where and whenever I feel thankful, more so to make it clear to myself that I am expressing thanks for the support and help I receive from our Source , spirit guides and beings of healing work. For the purpose of this practice, I call upon Archangel Michael for both aid in the work and divine protection. I personally don’t have any religious connotations with the term Archangel Michael, as I understand and perceive him as the being of energy that the is, but some of you may. His name, Michael, to me is an umbrella term for everything that is Archangel Michael’s purpose in the energy realm (and to some degree physical realm), which is mainly anything and everything that falls under protection, integrity and safety of Self and others. If you struggle with calling on angels, I get that, perhaps focus instead on light, a light being and or the feeling of love, it is ‘same same but different’. The whole point with this being, that we feel safe and protected as we do work on ourselves that can potentially leave us momentarily vulnerable, so use whatever works for you and that has the same result. Alternatively, look into the sacred geometrical interpretation of Archangel Michael from the Kabbalah, and you may get a new perspective.


Sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes and exhale deeply, emptying the lungs of stagnant air. Invoke Universal healing light through your crown chakra and the protection and assistance of Archangel Michael, to help you clear negativity and rejuvenate your entire being. Visualise white light encompassing your entire being, including your biofield, in a pulsating flow and form, and as it does so, ask that all negativity within and around you, on an ethereal and physical level, gets dissolved, transformed and transmuted into loving healing energy and sent back to its source for everyone’s highest good. Visualise this process from the tip of your head and down and around your entire body. Ask that all your chakras be cleansed, reconfigured, and restored for your highest good. Visualise that they have the perfect colour hue and saturation and that they are vibrant. Ask that your cells are completely cleansed of any undesired density and that they vibrate love and happiness, that any negativity or disease process is halted, and transformed and transmuted into loving healing energy and sent back to its source. Visualise that every single cell in your body exudes a warm golden energy. Ask that all your DNA be reactivated for your highest good, and as your being expands to higher frequencies, that you are well prepared and grounded and can handle this energy in your physical being. Ask that your pineal gland is continuously protected and decalcified if so needed. Affirm to yourself that you have a young, vibrant, healthy and happy body and that you are continuously inspired to make decisions for your own betterment. Thank your protons within the nuclei of your cells for constantly expressing a youthful cellular appearance.

Ask Archangel Michael to please uproot and dissolve any cords that you have hooked, and been hooked by, with other beings, for everyone’s highest good. Visualise your solar plexus being filled with a deep orange ball of healing energy, cleansing any remnant imprints of hooking in your solar plexus and visualise your torso covered in a golden shield of protection. Nothing can surpass this golden shield but loving healing energy, any negativity or hooking attempts will bounce against this shield, transform and transmute into loving healing energy and be sent back to its source.

Visualise a golden sphere all around your purified being and biofield. This is a protective field. Only loving healing energy can surpass this sphere, anything else effectively bounces off this shield and is transformed and transmuted into loving healing energy and sent back to its source.

Repeat to your self ‘I am protected, I am safe, I am loved, I am lovable and I am loving’.


…and that’s it. You are ready to accept the World. Remember, this energy cleanse can be done on a daily basis. Sending you all love.

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