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The Remembering

Many of us understand that the journey of the human Soul travels before and beyond the one lived lifetime. What we may pay less attention to, is the concept that whilst the journeying Soul travels in and out of human life experiences here on Earth, the physical bodies of an ancestral blood line, remains here on Earth. The human flesh bodies birth, grow, die and compost within the realm of the Earth, with the continuum being the birthing of the next generation of humans.

When we look at a Soul’s journey, we can understand that there may be events that happened in a past-life experience that scarred us, so much that the concept or blueprint of this traumatic life experience comes with us to the next life, in order for it to hopefully be processed and healed. As a shamanic practitioner, I have come to recognise that the process of healing a past life trauma, can take longer than one or more life experiences. Trauma, plays a complex yet crucial role in the evolution of the human consciousness.

From the perspective of our ancestral lineage, we can recognise how the mental emotional states, experiences, and actions of our grandfathers and grandmothers are passed down to us through transgenerational belief systems, as well as through the inheritance of cellular information and cellular memory through the process of human creation; birthing. When our grandmother was pregnant with our mother, the egg that was fertilized and became us, was also created and carried by our grandmother within the makings of our mother as a foetus in her womb, and the egg that became our mother, was created and carried by our great great grandmother, and so this incredible cycle of intimate relating goes on, all the way back until the beginning of the human life experience. With this in mind, one can ponder upon the event of the emotional states of our ancestors, of their experiencing, and how this information influenced our generational cellular makeup as we were each made in the womb of our matriarchs. If we consider the cultural makeup of family systems, we can also consider the effects of these on the cellular makeup of a person, and the passing down of this information to younger generations through familial transgenerational patterns as well as cellular information patterns. See it perhaps, as a form of ancestral information inheritance, both fortunate and unfortunate, both behavioural and cellular.

If we follow this vein of contemplating, we can then come to an understanding that as a human being, as a Soul incarnating into the earthly human life experience, we carry as part of our makeup an inherent software or operational system that is linked to how our ancestors lived their lives. We, even-though we never met some of our ancestors, are inherently connected to how they believed, how they grieved, how they loved, how they laughed, how they hated, how they connected to the light, or how they deviated into the dark. Ancient lore speak of how we carry the ‘baggage’ of our ancestors seven generations back, this understanding brings a greater insight into who we may be as complex emotional beings, and what dynamics may lurk within the shadow aspect of our consciousness.

When I see a client in my practice, I know they have come to help themselves understand aspects about their lives better, to understand aspects about themselves more. What I see though, are rows of ancestors passed standing behind their family member, excited and lovingly relieved about an opportunity to together as a Soul group heal ancient ancestral trauma. When we commit to the ‘spiritual work’ (in lack of a better term) that we do on ourselves, whether the source of certain shadow dynamics are our own or inherited, whether they are known to Self or not, we beautifully affect all relations around us, alive and dead. This is the very weight of the sacred honour and responsibility that we carry, once we embark on our journey of shadow integration; it is not just about our own healing but also about the healing of our ancestral lineage on a Soul level.

Whilst shadow work will give us the opportunity to overcome and transmute ancestral trauma into insight and wisdom, there are occasions where the energetic pattern, together with cellular information inheritance, have set itself deep into the material body of a human being. So deep, so that there is now injury to otherwise healthy tissue. This may mean that despite us having released an energetic pattern and or a belief pattern, despite having turned off the neuronal pathways of an ancient habit, we may still have to confront the reality of the effects of these within the material world of our human physical body. It’ s understandable that many of us may feel cursed when this scenario turns out to be the case, after all healing a physical ancestral imprint can take months if not years, however the deeper understanding here, is that the healing of our physical body offers us yet another opportunity for a profound remembering of our connection and our relating with our ancestors and the lives they lead. Inhere, lays yet another offering of an ancient remembering that beckons the call of the truest nature of our Soul, and the life phenomenon of what it means to belong to something much greater than one life. Here, is where we may find the golden shadow within our selves, in cahoots with our Soul group and Soul contracts.

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