Water; The Youth Elixir We Take For Granted

Water is the essence of life. Most of Earth’s surface is aqueous, albeit mostly ocean water, hence why it is also known as the ‘blue planet’. Our atmosphere is filled with water. Animals and humans are about 60-70% made out of saline water and plants contain about 90% mineral rich water. Water gives life substance, and without it things would be a whole lot more shrivelled up. We are all aware that if we don’t drink water, we die and if we don’t drink enough of it, we become dehydrated. Long-standing but small-scale dehydration, is in my opinion the underlying cause for many diseases. The main reason why, is because it puts our body in a state of acidosis or general high acidity, imbalance of important mineral levels, as well as an imbalance in the ‘conductivity’ of the body and all its biomechanical processes. I see many cases of preventable ‘dis-ease’ in clinic caused from long standing dehydration. After correcting water and mineral intake, people tend to feel a lot better and their bodies start functioning as they should. For example, I have seen plenty of cases where people can come off their blood pressure medication after optimising hydration and remineralisation of the body, which makes sense as our blood is largely made out of saline water (not too dissimilar from ocean water at the end of the day). Inflammatory conditions are also positively affected by rehydrating and remineralising, as the body reaches a more alkaline state as a result. It is rather ironic, when we see a plant that has wilted we know it needs water, and proceed to feed it some and likely some soil nutrients, until it has recovered. Yet many of us fail to recognise the same event within our own body. One major reason why, could be because once we reach a certain level of dehydration, we loose our sense of thirst. So, unless we are disciplined enough to stay on top of our own hydration, keeping in mind the activities we do throughout the day that dehydrate, and make ourselves drink throughout the day despite not necessarily ‘feeling thirsty’, we will remain dehydrated. Another tricky thing about the sensation of thirst is that many of us mistake thirst for a craving. Not exactly hunger, but a feeling like you could eat a snack or something. Chances are if water is drunk at this stage, the craving will go away.

Another aspect of dehydration is the resulting emotional imbalance and dulling affects on our energetic field, our luminous body. I personally find that when people become uncentred, clumsy and short fused, dehydration is the culprit, and drinking some water often brings a sense of calm and focus back. I have also experienced with children that when they become overly emotional or moody, they benefit from a glass of water and their demeanour improves from it. Another tell tale sign of dehydration, if thirst is not felt, is shrivelled up grubs for lips. Our lips should be moist and plump, if they are dry and look wrinkled like witchetty grubs, the body is dehydrated. It also need to be taken into account that hydration is not only about survival and basic functioning of our physical body, but hydration is also crucial and beneficial to the efficacy of our digestion, and the health and glow of our skin. Dehydration and an imbalanced mineral profile, can cause imbalances in our microbiome and make it hard for our guts to maintain and colonise healthy flora. For those who take pride in their looks, being dehydrated can cause superficial wrinkles, and staying hydrated gives the skin lustre. In other words, staying hydrated keeps us youthful and healthy.

The human body needs no other drink than clean, mineral rich and alive water. Water is it for our bodies. Nothing hydrates as well as water and can ever replace it. However, eating a diet rich in organic plantfoods, will provide the body with some mineral rich water as well.
In order to stay hydrated, we need to listen acutely to our body’s call of thirst, and act upon it immediately. By being this aware, we are likely to stay in balance between water intake and water use within the body, and as we know this changes form day to day depending on weather, exercise, drinking and eating of stimulants and processed food. Some of us do this naturally, for others it is a bit of a feat. It used to be a common thing to recommend the intake of 1-2L of water per day. I am thinking that this ‘notion’ probably came from resellers of bottled water. The problem with drinking really large amounts of water without any concern of the body’s output and its environment, is (if it’s not clean nor mineral rich) that it can do more harm than good, as it encourages excretion of essential mineral from the body. Tap water is the most common way water is supplied to us for our usage, and many people rely on tap water as their source of hydration. Unfortunately, even in the first world, tap water has shown to not be so fabulous and can leave the body more dehydrated because of its chemical and heavy metal content. As many of us know, the chemical fluoride is added to tap water. I am not going to go into depth about fluoride here, but there have been links to calcification of the pineal gland and other endocrine glands such as the thyroid, and the intake of fluoride in humans. Fluoride can also cause mottling of the teeth. Thyroid and pineal gland health is essential for our body’s metabolic processes; together they govern our mental, emotional and physical well-being. What I recommend to solve this problem is to use a really good water filtration system that removes all known nasties in tap water including fluoride. There are some amazing looking bench top filters around both in ceramic and stainless steel, ask your local health food shop, or The Water Shop, and they should be able to point you in the right direction. In terms of ‘on tap’ filtration systems, the reverse osmosis system is the most effective in cleaning tap water but it is essential to have some form of re-mineralisation agent involved as reverse osmosis basically distils water by removing everything. There are plenty of water filters out there for all budgets, some better than others, but all will make the water healthier than drinking it straight from the tap. Furthermore, soups and teas taste a lot better when using filtered water. Ideally, we should all also filter the water in our bathrooms. Again, the chemicals in tap water, in this case chlorine, is very drying to our skin and hair, whereas mineralised filtered water leaves your skin and hair feeling soft and moisturised. Breathing in super heated chlorine (bathroom steam) is not ideal for our health, in particular our airways and their mucous membranes. If you have your own ground water supply, get someone to come and do a water analysis, to ensure the quality of the water. Rain water used to be perfectly safe to drink, but now there are chemtrails around which can dump aluminium into your water tank, so I guess it depends on how remotely you live and whether chemtrails are a common occurrence or not in your area. Filtering your water will make sure that it is clean.

I have come across plenty of people in my practice that are so far removed from drinking water, their taste buds and bodies reject the (lack of) flavour of it. Adding squeezed lemon and or lime, with some ice gives water a really refreshing flavour, citrus improves the uptake of water into our cells, hence it’s a great thing to do when the weather is hot, after exercise and or when dehydration might be an ongoing issue. I also recommend adding a pinch of sea salt, to assure the mineral content (not necessarily with every glass of water, but certainly every other). Alternatively, a colloidal mineral supplement should always be in anyone’s pantry. Basil and or mint, are flavoursome additions to water to make the drinking a bit more interesting (make sure the herbs are not sprayed). You can buy glass and stainless steel bottles from health food shops to carry your water in, so there is no excuse really for not being able to drink water if you are on the go a lot. Refrain from storing and drinking your water in plastic bottles. There are xenoestrogens and other chemicals that can leach into the water from the plastic. Besides that, water tastes better when stored in stainless steel or glass containers anyway.

Don’t let the somewhat negative information in this article get to you. Work with the information and ensure you make decisions for yourself that feel honest and good to you. We live in such interesting times right now, and I believe in order to cope with the toxic load that is put on us as a result of living in our society, we need to be smart about the choices we make, make small adjustments in your day to day living to enhance your health, but by no means delve in negativity and fear energy about living. There is the energetic side to life, which is very rarely taken seriously in our society, but which has incredibly powerful effects on our reality. About ten years ago I managed a naturopathic dispensary together with another guy called Phil, who became a good friend of mine. One day as I was going about my duties in the dispensary I saw his water bottle. It was covered with words such as love, abundance, health, and happiness written with a fat marker. I remember standing there with his bottle in my hand, looking at him asking ‘are you alright’. Upon which he handed me a tattered book with plenty of dog-ears (always a sign of a good book). The title read, ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ by Dr Masaru Emoto. Dr Emoto was an amazing man, whose life purpose was to study water and the affects of intention and energy on water. What he found was that depending on where water is from, whether it is from tap or deep in nature, once frozen, it will display a beautiful geometric shape, or not. Tap water for example has a very simple geometric structure, pristine water found in Nature has the molecular structure similar to that of a snow flake. Dr Emoto took his findings further and started creating studies where he exposed double distilled (to rule out the affect of environment) water to a variety of human emotions. The results were astounding. Water that had been exposed to negative emotions took on very dense and simple geometric shapes, or sometimes even no significant shape at all and more the look of mutated cells. Water exposed to loving emotions, took on magnificent geometric shapes similar to sacred mandalas, and so it became clear that water is a carrier of intentional information. Homoeopathic and other essence medicines, such as the world renowned Bach’s Rescue Remedy and Ian White’s Australian Bush Flower Essences, are founded on this understanding about water…and many of us have had positive and successful experiences with these remedies. My point being, there is definite and practical evidence that water carries the information it is given by its environment, emotional intention and or substance infusion.

Going back to the fact that life is mainly made out of water, it now becomes clear how intention affects our world, doesn’t it? If the human body is 60-70% made up of water, and water so clearly takes on intention as shown by Dr Emoto and as intended by essence medicines, the whole suggestion ‘we are what we think and thus feel’ starts to make perfect sense. Water is the conductive medium that all the biochemical processes and cellular communication in our body uses. Water, is the medium between the information from our mind to our cells. If we think loving thoughts about our being and our existence, our modus operandi becomes that of love. Furthermore, anything that is in our reality that contains water, such as the food we eat, the water/drinks we drink, herbal medicines, and the lotions and potions we use for our body, these too can be infused with positive intentions, lifting their vibrational frequencies, and as seen in Dr. Emoto’s work, positively improve their structural makeup. Talk about lifting the energetic vibrancy of the things we use for the betterment of our body and mind! On the flip side, it could make one think about the affects our thoughts have on the food we feel guilty about eating, a rather odd privilege mainly secluded to the richer countries of this world, and or cooking/preparing food with a crass attitude (are we feeding anger and resentment at the table?). We are what we think, and thus feel. Our thoughts govern our well being and our environment.

Coming back to Phil and his water bottle, what we can do to further improve the quality, the frequency and the structural make up of the water that we drink, is to infuse it with intentions of love and compassion. A simple way of doing this is to write words of love and wisdom on a piece of paper and leave your glass of water standing on it for a while. Even better, hold the glass of water in your hands, and infuse it intentionally through the act of ‘prayer’ with love. Know with certainty in your heart that you can also do this ‘love infusion’ to your food. It is about time we start consciously eating and drinking love energy, as well as being it.

Love your water.

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