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My name is Charlotte Skyla Westerlundh. I live in the Greater Blue Mountains Australia, with my family and and a loving community. I am a Naturopath, and End of Life Doula and a Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner. Above all, I am a human being and like many of us, I am committed to a life consistent with truth and conscious living. I was born with what one could call ‘knowledge’. As a kid, I already possessed an understanding of life, death, our Source and the traveling journey of the human Soul. Luckily I was born into a very open minded and supportive family, but for various reasons, as I got a little bit older, I chose to turn my ‘antenna’ to the unseen world off, and live a more gentrified life. However, since my twenties I have been on a journey of reawakening, and my life has presented me with many teachers and situations ripe with opportunities to contemplate deeply into the human life experience. Apart from a few people close to me, I never fully revealed my true self to my immediate world. I always used to adapt to what I believed was pleasing to the minds and ears of others. It was after my dad’s death, and when consequently faced with yet another process of personal truth realisation, that I decided to fully ‘come out’ spiritually.

In my life thus far, I have sat with many wonderful teachers of different paths and backgrounds. Of late, I have become the carrier of the ancient healing wisdoms of the Q’ero shamans of the Andes, and my studies with them are ongoing (a journey you can follow on Instagram). I have my practice here in the Blue Mountains, where I see people individually in my shamanic den. I also facilitate larger groups for ceremony, ritual, sound healing, journeying and meditation. I have extensive experience in facilitating for retreats, so if you are a facilitator yourself and wanted to add something with a difference to your retreat schedule, please contact me. To get a better understanding of the types of sessions I offer and prices, visit my Fresha page via the bookings page. To get a better understanding about me as a practitioner, read my reviews here and on Fresha, and have a look at my Media page for podcasts.

We live in a world now where we can no longer turn a blind eye, nor ear, to our inner wisdom. It is not only our responsibility to our Self to integrate our shadow aspects into our awakened Soul consciousness, but it is also our responsibility to do this for our collective and our world as a whole, so that we can together dream a new world into being.

In Munay.