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My name is Charlotte Skyla Westerlundh. I live in the Greater Blue Mountains Australia, with my son and and a loving community. I am a Naturopath, and End of Life Doula and a Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner. Above all, I am a human being and like many of us, I am committed to a life journey of truth and conscious living. I was born with knowledge. As a kid, I already possessed an understanding of life, death, our Source and the traveling journey of our Soul. Luckily I was born into a very open minded and supportive family, but for various reasons, as I got a little bit older, I chose to turn my ‘antenna’ to the unseen world off, and live a more normal life (that is if you could ever call life normal). However, since my twenties I have been on a journey of reawakening, and my life has presented me with many situations ripe with opportunities to contemplate deeply into the human life experience. Apart from a few people close to me, I never fully revealed my true self to my immediate world. I always used to adapt to what I believed was pleasing to the minds and ears of others. It was after my dad’s death, and when consequently faced with yet another process of personal truth realisation, that I decided to fully ‘come out’ spiritually.

The purpose of this site is simply to fulfill my life purpose as I see it. To share my boons and experiences in life, seasoned with the characteristics of that which makes up me. So even if you may have come across similar information from somewhere else or before in your life, the perspectives and insights will be different due to my personal life experience and my understanding, and you will as a result perhaps resonate with the information differently. If I can facilitate one person in any way in this life, then my vocation is of meaning and purpose.

The time has come when we can no longer turn a blind eye, nor ear, to our inner wisdom. So please join me in forming a loving, open minded and information-sharing community, and in dreaming our world into being.

In Munay.

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